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Motivating Women to Tasks

Keep your effort directed & concentrated to small tasks. Dr. Shweta Singh in Your Goals & You

Effort Motivation.

Not just random applause but each concrete step forward…note it, appreciate it. Shweta Singh, Author & Coach Motivation Quotes from Your Goals & You

The Swami Vivekanand Mission in Chicago – A Higher Calling!

Listen to Swami Ishatmanana share his ideas and philosophy that makes him commit his life to learning of Swami Vivekanand. A religious treatise and social polity interface. This is from the Global Desi World and Women Archives

Making Theatre a Space for Women’s Empowerment

Listen to Promila Kumar, Founder of Ekjut Theatre. She discusses her staging of ‘Yoni ki Baat’ in Chicago as part of diaspora engagement and empowerment. A take on the Vagina Monologues, a powerful tool to highlight the atrocities against women and gender-based violence. This recording is from the Global Desi World and Women Archives

Making North and South Meet with Education of Children

Listen to Dr. Ratnam Chitturi founder of North South Foundation. He created a community of learners of education and of values to knit together the South Asian Community of Chicago and beyond. This recording is from the Global desi World and Women Archives

Coping with Stress – Working Women Wellbeing Podcast Series

As Women have been doing so much of work from home. We reached out to health and mental health professionals to get their take on what stress is and what to do about it. Listen to Anjali Pal and Reshma Shah share their ideas. Dr Anjali Pal is MBBS doctor at AIMS and Reshma Shah is a licensed counselor and founder of a non profit agency SAHARA. This Working Women & Well being series will feature comparative perspectives from US and India. Stay tuned for several other podcasts in this series featuring many professionals.

When it is not Love

When is love not love…listen to deep and meaningful insights from therapist and Professor Dr. Marta Lundy share her perspective This is a recording of the Global Desi World and Women Show hosted by Shweta Singh. The guest on the show was Dr. Marta Lundy, an M.SW., P.H.D. L.C.S.W. Counselor. It is from our archives. Check out other related podcasts.

Motivating students for social service

Listen to the start of a journey of motivating young students to think about society. The academic and NSS officer Dr. Tulika Chakravorty. From a beginning in Banaras to a Ph.D. on Fisherwomen after marriage to an academic…

A call to transform from corporate to NGO

From a call to do more meaningful work, joining the Anna Hazare movement against corruption to enabling numerous women to become entrepreneurs. Prashant Pal the Founder of Pure India Trust is helping NGOs and Youth build capacity.

Looking for some direction and motivation?

Click Here to see these videos Stay Empowered and get a copy of the book Your Goals and You here and if you want that cool tote bag. Click here So much has changed in this last year…we are still recovering but then for many of us school or work is back . and this is as good a time as any to start thinking of getting the spiritual energy organized. See some of these amazing videos that are part of our channel on You Tube. They have meditation and motivation that is short and sweet. You will feel good.

Amazing Dilip Kumar – His songs & his Movies

A tribute to the amazing contributions of DadaSaheb Phalke Award winner Dilip Kumar and Icon & legend of Cinema. Best dialogue, best comedy, best dancing, best emotions, best voice…sheer brilliance of super charismatic Dilip Kumar. He happened on Indian Cinema courtesy Devika Rani in early 1940s. His amazing on screen relatabililty filled Indian imagination for a century. Married to the gorgeous fashionista Saira Banu, he will forever remain etched in the Indian psyche as the man of a newly Freed India…classy, rural, down to earth, in love, deep voiced, brilliant actor & debonaire hero of the poor & the middle class. (Photo Credit Doordarshan National) Naughty Romantic Dilip Movies like Kohinoor, Aan Jugnu, Leader, Ram aur Shyam had the spunky energetic youthful romantic Hero Dilip. The song from the entertaining movie Leader with the pretty Vyjantimala in front of the Taj – tere husn ki kya taareef karoon. To Nadira atop a horse and carriage in maan mera ehsaan are nadaan They made many a heart go aflutter as he smiled and jumped around. The …

Career Enablers for Women

Career Enablers for WomenCareer enablers for all women are their attitude. Read Dr. Shweta Singh’s article published in #SheThePeople. As women, from so called global south what can help us succeed and still be happy?

Motivation & Good Energy with Doha

भावी काहू ना दही, भावी-दह भगवान् ।भावी ऐसी प्रबल है, कहि ‘रहीम’ यह जान ॥आपको कोई हरा नहीं सकता सिवाए भगवान के इसलिए हिम्मत और जीतने की उम्मीद।कभी न छोडें Only The Supreme Power Above can defeat you. So don’t give up your hope and success easily

Things worth doing…

Every thing we are assigned is a task from him, said Krishna. And our duty is simple to do it well. and what it gives us – success or failure is not in the same purview and means much less. So care for your convictions. and only if the convictions hold up to the ideals of care and justice and commitment to wellbeing of all – are they true convictions. All action has fruit…bitter or sweet. But action is proof of existence.