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Roles in Relationships

What is the point of asking for clarity on roles and responsibilities in any relationship? Photos in Blog from unsplash jplstudio & paul_nic&thecedfox & withluke& chrisliveranitimberfoster& rhondak

Spending your time with who?

Being careful of how you spend your time is important…but who is just as important.

Support your own brand!

We are so brand conscious but do we stop to think about our own value?

Take it Easy धीरे धीरे

Sab kuch niyam anusar hi ho pata hai…aur niyam theek se pata nahi hai…isliye sab kuch aaraam se dekhiye, samajiye. Easier said than done but like Kabir said, you can water & care for a plant but you will have to wait a long time for it to bear fruit. So don’t rush & don’t get so into anything…as to forget life.

Different Kind of Fairy Tales

Irina Ruvinsky shares her take on the horror genre of Fairy Tales. The German Romantic traditions come alive in this conversation. Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Working in Foreign Services – Indian Lady!

What is it like to be working as a woman in the Indian Foreign Services!

Womanhood & Body – A Conversation

Listen Bhairavi Goswami, an Indian Film actress share her role, performance in the movie Kamasutra and her take on Women’s Body Shaming, Health, & Sexuality. This is a recording from the Global Desi World and Women Archives

Afternoon Reflections

How can one be a positive person when life throws challenges at you …constantly? We are expected to be consistently positive nowadays because we are supposed to be something better than our circumstances. This is an additional pressure on us. The best way maybe to think about this is… balancing. By reflecting on our circumstances. Think about trees and nature and how they are keeping a balance. That is way more important than constantly aspiring to a difficult sort of existence… then judging ourself and others…when we fail. Whenever we have a situation that makes us feel negative emotions we have to acknowledge it, accept it and talk about it and then get over it …that is more of an ideal plan than presuming that we will be able to fight it off alone. And most importantly that is the exact expectation to have from other people and other relationships. No one can be your source of positivity all the time. Even trees need to breathe out Carbon at night. Real people are always striving …

Early Morning Reflections

What can be the additional thing missing from our life…that thing. Is curiosity. The joy of a child’s way is curiosity…each sense important to them. Mud to flowers to spoons…& what is the hallmark of the most accomplished older people. Its commitment…commitment to family, to society, to friends…to a cause…to something bigger than ourselves. Ofcourse the first one is basic needs of survival. Food. Safety. Shelter. We need to retain those two for joyful living. Curiosity and Commitment.

खुली किताब बनिये पर

आम तौर पर एक खुली किताब जैसा अन्तरमन इनसान की सिमपीलिसिटी दिखाता है। पर आप अपने अस्तित्व।या पहचान या।सोच को समझाने का हक हर किसी को न दें। किताब आपकी है।

How to make that decision? A guide to making good decisions.

Decisions are a daily thing in all our lives. What is the rule book? How to stop the confusions

From the Upanishad उपनिषद से

Your Being in interdependence in Hindi

Upanishad Series ! existence अन्न।अन्नाद