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The Best Books on Women’s Empowerment

These female empowerment books are the best that will inevitably influence the way you think about the world.

The publication of TWC – Think Women Company cover a broad range. they include stories, plays, self-improvement but at the core the company publishes all that empowers and entertains. The writing is contemporary and rooted in the Indian Subcontinent and in the South Asian contexts. Each work is geared to inspire women and youth and offer a glimpse of lived experience in from marginal people.

Empowering Story Books for Every Young Girls & Children

Inspiration books for girls & children by inspiring women author will give you all the motivation for female empowerment when you are feeling down.

मुहब्बत में मय से माँ तक : मैं ही मैं हूँ (Hindi Edition)

मुहब्बत में मय से माँ तक : मैं ही मैं हूँ

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#मुहब्बतमेंमयसेमाँतक : मैं ही मैं हूँ (Hindi Edition) is a collection of Poetry in Hindi and Urdu. यह एक आम सी भाषा में कहे गए नए पुराने ख्यालात की पिटारी है – शेरोशायरी और कविताओं का संग्रह है. जो एक नारी के जज़्बात हैं. The topics range from love and romance and desire and at the same time it has expressions of devotion and prayers. हर तरह के जज़्बात का इनमे ज़िक्र है -प्यार मुहब्बत पूजा माता पिता के रिश्ते…

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Plays of Women in Love: Marriage Mirage

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Think Mohalla wali auntyji is the sweetest thing ever …and you think of Mangala from her new play of Women in Love: #MarriageMirage is a comedy. An Indianized farce on marriage and modern sensibilities. It is emblematic of the Desi identity of women that merges rural-urban-cosmopolitan ethos of womanhood in the South Asian communities. It is spunky and jazzy with the Thirty something Munni, Forty something Mangala, and Fifty something Maggie – women from three generations who think they are in love with the same man…A unique perspective on love and relationships…each a product of their times and their circumstances.

Plays of Women in Love Series

Plays of Women in Love, Work, and Relationships: My Frustrated Lady

Plays of Women in Love Series

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Nila, is a ‘fresh off the boat’ small town girl who has come to live with her old-school husband Vijay. Jane and Jack find in Nila a project to distract themselves from their boring lives. Jack offers to change Nila’s perspective of life and Jane challenges him, with the offer of moving back into their shared bedroom. Hari, the caterer is there to disrupt what should have been a simple enough undertaking. A comical and yet tragic outcome ensues as everyone involved gets an education. It is the second play in the ‘Women in Love’ series and offers yet again a lighthearted take on desi immigrant women and their ways of dealing with life and love.

It is showcase of values and prejudices that we deny even as we claim evolved as our status.


Five Minute Break for Meditation and Yoga: Kundalini your way to stress control (Spirituality for Women)

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Five Minute Break for Meditation and Yoga: Kundalini your way to stress control

This book offers #FiveMinuteBreaks for #meditationandyoga that can enhance spiritual power and mental clarity for women & men . The old #Hindu traditions are benchmarks of an evolved soul and mind and this book is grounded in them.

We have too much to do and too few supports. Meditation and Yoga can help us reconnect with our soul. Time to the body is so essential. And for women working at home or at a workplace, time for self is so little ….and causes stress to multiply.

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Your Goals and You: Don’t Let Them Get You Before You Get Them (Your Goals and You – Empowerment Series Book 1)

Your Goals and You

Every new year and every birthday and every time one fails – and out POPS a new GOAL. This Book will show you the relationship between your goals and you with research informed advise on goal achievement. The guidance you need to be happily successful.

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