My Frustrated Lady – Plays of Women in Love Work & Relationships

Frustrated Lady

Synopsis- Jane and Jack are fighting middle age blues when they meet Nila at a party. Nila is fresh off the boat so to say in Mid-West USA from North India. Teaching the post grad Nila becomes their project. This play will make you chuckle and pause with its tragic comic farce like take on an old story in a contemporary romantic tone.

A great follow up to the first Play in the series, Marriage Mirage.

Second in the Series Plays of Women in Love, Work And Relationships are a farce. Filled with absurdities that emerge in the ultra modern societies. These plays underscore the weird stereotyping of women and their evolving identities and cultural snobbery that happens when people are forced into relationships of utility. All the plays applaud all women and their different ways of dealing with life situations and their own personalities.

These plays are funny and laugh at the ultra urbane shallowness of society and culture and its fake ideas of good and bad. It is a layered perspective that is maverick feminism at its best from Dr. Shweta Singh

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