Parenting Like Sita

From The Ramayana
Parenting Like Sita

We can learn to be good parents and know the parenting ideals from religious texts like – The Ramayana. We had learnt and followed the norms for a thousand years. The impact of culture diffusion and changes in society – or in religious terminology, the advent of Kalyug made these norms feel redundant. Further, all kind of parenting norms were manifesting itself from random research conducted in different worlds and nations made its way into school curriculums and peer influence became more important and our children were subjected to untested ideals and ideas of what it means to be human.

This book focuses on the story of Goddess Mother Sita and highlights the character of Luv and Kush. It is written in simple stories to highlight the role of mother and mothering practices that are embedded within the Ramayana. Each chapter presents a story from Ramayana and highlight the character building embedded in it; it is integrated with the latent philosophies of Indian society and the book aims to support women and parenting in these modern times with references to existing and relevant integrated research findings.
The book is going to be useful for all reading to children and will facilitate discussions on challenging issues and social structure highlighting diversity as a norm.

The Third in the Self Help and Self Improvement Series on Spirituality and Empowerment is Parenting Like Sita (Spirituality and Empowerment Series). The Books in this series will help you grow into your own identity. This Series of Books is to inform and inspire a higher purpose through engaged discussions and reflections on modern lives. It aims to reconnect the identity of soul, mind, and body for a fulfilling life. It is highly influenced and informed by Vedic Hinduism texts and ideas. It is designed to support better life for women and young people.

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