Plays of Women in Love Series from Shweta Singh

Meet Mangala Munni & Maggie.

Get the entire series for 10 Dollars

Munni from Delhi invites Maggie from New York to her wedding. Maggie is her superboss & confidant who knows about Munni’s affair with her much-married boss. But unknown to Munni is something very interesting. And then there is the ‘take it easy…adjust’ Mangala ji. Think Mohallawali auntyji is the sweetest thing ever…and you think of Mangala. This is a new series of plays…Plays of Women in Love and #MarriageMirage is first in a farcical take on culture comedy. An Indianized take on traditions in a marriage and modern sensibilities. It is emblematic of the Desi identity of women that merges rural-urban-cosmopolitan ethos of womanhood in the South Asian communities. It is spunky and jazzy with the Thirty something Munni, Forty something Mangala, and Fifty something Maggie – women from three generations who think they are in love with the same man…A unique perspective on love and relationships…each a product of their times and their circumstances.

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