Friendship Fraud – Plays of Women in Love Work & Relationships

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Plays of Women in Love, Work, & Relationships – Friendship Fraud

The Fourth in the series on Plays of Women in Love, Work, & Relationships, is yet another in a long list of witty takes on women and their friendships of convenience and insecurity.

In Friendship Frauds – When women become friends in later life, they bond for many reasons other than liking each other. South Asian Suburban Diaspora living in big cities works hard to create its community. For the outsider, this is a strange set up of families glued together by a shared cultural angst. Ruby is a suburban working woman, a couple of years into her immigrant living in an upper class suburb of Chicago. The play transitions from party to party in five scenes as multiple desi women, men, and children flit in and out of friendships and commitment frauds as they change their loyalties. The presence of the clueless urban neighbors of various backgrounds experience the loud immigrant culture and struggle to decode it.
This play is a satire, embedded in the sensibilities of South Asian immigrant culture as the other plays in this series. It provides an uplifting idea of how women in the diaspora survive the social isolation of migrant living.

Additions to Plays of Women in Love, Work And Relationships Series from Shweta Singh – a modern farce, filled with absurdities that emerge in the ultra modern societies. These plays underscore the weird stereotyping of women and their evolving identities and cultural snobbery that happens when people are forced into relationships of utility. All the plays applaud all women and their different ways of dealing with life situations and their own personalities.

The Hit play Marriage Mirage was followed by Frustrated Lady and next is Antagonistic Associates and then Friendship Frauds. These plays are funny takes on ultra cool facades but boiling hot with enmities – work environments and suburban friendships

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