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So annoyed when we found out that we got it a little wrong…and that too just about when we turned 40 or 42 or 44… And to think we are so clueless, when we are under 40. It is a comical paradox…or would be if it wasn’t about us.

What is the big deal? They ask!

What is it about 40 anyways? Well, it is the path of transition and transformation that never stops. This is the path that needs most insight and support and yet we find ourselves feeling isolated. Simply no one seems to get it. Infact, those closest to us seem so surprised at our changed self. But then we hardly care.

Women do so much to make their little corners better. And yet, we are so shy, don’t want to own it, especially with our own families and partners. Women & their life experiences are a book. ( which is why I wrote a few) And then there is generation Z that seems to be getting by with reading just the bookcovers.

But women under and over 40, both have tons in common…like they remain engaged in a key past_time even in 2021 – growth & self realization.

Women under forty are not even thinking of forty, there is always too much going on…too many points to prove, too many issues with too many people and yet romance dominates over career most of the time, as a preoccupation.

Women over forty are closer to thickening uterus and bones and knees a little odd, suddenly one day. Wonderful one fine day, how we not only made ourselves matter a little less but also forgot to tell those around us to appreciate us a little more.

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