About Shweta Singh_ Founder of Think Women Company

Shweta Singh is an Indian Jane Austen, academic and social sciences researcher, gender and feminist scholar, NRI Women Professor and an instructor. She focuses her work on women’s wellbeing and identity development. She has published numerous articles and Book chapters. She has also published an edited book comparing social development in India and USA. Her primary affiliation is with Social Work and Women and Gender Studies. She is the founder of Think Women Company – a publishing, promoting, and coaching company for supporting women and girls – especially those belonging to the Indian Subcontinent ot South Asia.

Shweta Singh is amongst the best sociology theorists, media influence and policy expert in the field of global feminism & women’s issues, research and program development and evaluation, and narrative deconstruction. She frequently conducts workshops to coach working women on balancing energies and succeeding.

Don’t Fall – As A Philosophy

One way to begin deciphering the subtle propoganda is to identify the false comparatives. So when you read or listen to a story that is about something non controversial…like the flowers in bloom or the new cell design, locate what the article presumes about you. you the reader. Does it say you are middle class, by saying it is ideal for ‘middle class’. There is the subtle propoganda – as a middle class person you appreciate things like flowers & new cell designs. What is funny is now many of us do appreciate it but what it will accomplish is that those who want to be middle class will learn that they should. Why is it something to watch for? Because each idea that takes over your mind can potentially influence your choices…without you knowing or making an informed decision. And then you will become a channel that eill spread this subtle idea to your network, without even getting paid for it. So what is wrong with it. Two things. One you were not aware of being influenced and two the propogandists are aware and the influencing has long term impact.

It is so important to know our beliefs. As we presume them and we act on them without realizing it…and we argue about them.

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