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Keeping the Social Distance is tough…

Motivation on how to keep at it as you deal with social distancing in Covid 19 times.

हर बात का जवाब देना ज़रूरी नहीं ..

क्यों की जगह कैसे पूछ के देखिये

So often we ask why…but if we could only ask how…how did that happen…

थक के रुके ना। मंज़िल आपका इंतज़ार कर रही है

Walking with Time

Take a reflective walk to calm your mind

Higher Living

Hear this life reflection inspired from the divine words of tapasvani Sahal Tastari. It asks to have a life with less material desires for a satisfied life.

What is the ideal vision for winning and staying on course?

What is the big picture that you can focus on? sometimes the view can trick you if you don’t focus on specifics and sometimes …one must try to see everything? Picture credit Katrina Kerdi and Brian Cook on unsplash

Share your story of skills at Workplace

Work Talk…skills and goals are okay to share!

Reflecting on the Self

Focus on the Self in meditation and conenct to the whole…universe

Walking in sync

Walk in peace and calm as you move through your day

10 minutes window to the universe meditation

The music is extracted from Airtone. “nightWalk” by airtone Connection with the Universe