Stories: Ten Words or Less

The following small motivational stories for women were submitted to the women’s empowerment magazine by readers. We hope you find one that resonates with you.

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Love is all there is and positivity started flowing.

Anju Srivastava

Love, Be Herself, & Shine through the stars. – Veena Rao

The day she realized it was all within, things changed. – Shruti Chatterjee

Focus on stars, feet on ground, maintain life’s balance!

Mini Dalawari

Face the challenges life throws everyday with a smile. – Roopali Jain

Beginning: taking her for granted
Ending: Obliterated the relationship completely
– Eklavya Prasad

You think you have a plan for your life. You’re wrong.

Shikha Singh

Journey of finding me – move move move physically and spiritually.

Javita Narang

Goddess Kali rose within her and it was game over for others. – Geeta Divekar

When the world inside me healed, the world outside realigned. -Ritika Anand

Secure the future of your generations by preserving this nature!

Jyoti Juriasingani

Work hard until you achieve what you want to.

Rishma Mendiratta

He is my strength, not my support! – Kavita Chaudhary

His mother’s thumbprint on paper… stripped him of his degrees. – Nupur Govila

I changed my mindset and the world around me changed.

Bhawna Sehgal

She thanked God for not fulfilling all her wishes. – Shubhi Ghosh

Citation – Stories: Ten Words or Less, in Empowered Women Issue 1. (1), August 2020, Issue Issue Editor Aashna Singh, Think Women Company

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  1. Anju Srivastava Avatar
    Anju Srivastava

    Amazing thoughts by all amazing WOMYN!!! Very inspiring

  2. Grace Goodelman Avatar
    Grace Goodelman

    The lord above loves all,never lose lose your faith! Be strong and powerful, kind,humble and love all!!

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