Antagonistic Associate – Plays of Women in Love Work & Relationships

Plays of Women in Love Work & Relationships
Plays of Women in Love Work & Relationships -Antagonistic Associate

In Antagonistic Associates When women work together, they bond to create a supportive environment. At least that is what Sheetal believes until she joins a new team fresh out of college with a brand-new MBA degree. Her boss Shannon, her Assistant Shirley, and her friendly coworker Suman meet over lunch, happy hour, online, and in the grocery stores to review their work, their workplace, and their co-workers. In five scenes, over lunch dates with women colleagues, Sheetal slowly starts unraveling the daggers that hide behind her diligent coworkers. Book your copy here.

Two new additions to Plays of Women in Love, Work And Relationships. The plays in this series from Shweta Singh are a farce. Filled with absurdities that emerge in the ultra modern societies. These plays underscore the weird stereotyping of women and their evolving identities and cultural snobbery that happens when people are forced into relationships of utility. All the plays applaud all women and their different ways of dealing with life situations and their own personalities.

The Hit play Marriage Mirage is to be followed by Antagonistic Associates and Friendship Frauds. These plays are funny takes on ultra cool facades but boiling hot with enemities – work environments and suburban friendships

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