The Making of Indian Woman Hood Series

Series The Making of Indian Woman Hood – Books 1, 2 and 3.

In a three part series, these books explore the formation of the Indian Woman Identity through the lives of multiple generations of women, with origins in rural heartland of North India. The books are set in North Indian towns of Lucknow, and then the glorious hills of Himachal and metropolitan Mumbai and Delhi, culminating in a journey that ends in Chicago, before coming back full circle to India.

These novels told in interconnected stories, the women are complex and their lives fascinating, feministic and post colonial and yet chilled out with sensibilities that take pride in culture and yet laugh at its oddities. These are the stories all in truly knowing diversity should read. it is an ideal read for middle grade and for women’s book club. with stories of love, life, adventure and coming of age in a large family…driven by women,

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