Amazing Dilip Kumar – His songs & his Movies

A tribute to the amazing contributions of DadaSaheb Phalke Award winner Dilip Kumar and Icon & legend of Cinema.

Best dialogue, best comedy, best dancing, best emotions, best voice…sheer brilliance of super charismatic Dilip Kumar. He happened on Indian Cinema courtesy Devika Rani in early 1940s. His amazing on screen relatabililty filled Indian imagination for a century. Married to the gorgeous fashionista Saira Banu, he will forever remain etched in the Indian psyche as the man of a newly Freed India…classy, rural, down to earth, in love, deep voiced, brilliant actor & debonaire hero of the poor & the middle class. (Photo Credit Doordarshan National)

Naughty Romantic Dilip

Movies like Kohinoor, Aan Jugnu, Leader, Ram aur Shyam had the spunky energetic youthful romantic Hero Dilip. The song from the entertaining movie Leader with the pretty Vyjantimala in front of the Taj – tere husn ki kya taareef karoon. To Nadira atop a horse and carriage in maan mera ehsaan are nadaan

They made many a heart go aflutter as he smiled and jumped around.

The cheerful serenade atop a boat with Leema Chandavarkar in Ram Aur Shyam

Saare Shahr mein Aapsa koi nahi

Classical dance song Madhuban mein Radhika naache re from Jugnu with the graceful Kumkum

Seriously Romantic Dilip Kumar

From Devdas to Mughle Azam to Madhumati to Sangdil. His soft dreamy voice matched his intense gaze as he looked at Madhubala or Aparna Sen. His sad intense love lorn hero, earned him the title Tragedy King.

Ye Hawa Ye Raat Ye Chaandni As He lipsynced soulfully in the Hindi version of the Wuthering Heights. Then again looked lost in love as Paro & Chandramukhi pine for him. Jise tu kabool kar le to the iconic Mughle Azam with once real life sweetheart Madhubala and then sways to the ethereal Madhumati and the travel song for India’s multiple generations – Suhana safar aur ye mausam haseen. To the piano song for Nargis in Andaz hum Aaj Kahin Dil kho baithe

The Protagonist Dilip Kumar

From Naya Daur to Sagina Mahato to Shakti & Karma.

He was believable as the young and then the old man who was willing to put all on the line for a social commitment.

His best songs and dances were in these movies. As he shook an enviable hip in Nain lad jaiyehen to sala main to sahab ban gaya to har karam apna karenge

The legend lives on of the authentic inimitable Dilip Kumar.

Here is DilipKumar’s interview to Doordarshan and to BBC. Brilliant Icon.

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