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Motivational and Inspirational Podcasts for Women

We generally love podcasts for women on the topics most relevant to our daily lives. Below you will find the best women empowerment podcasts, inspiring female and young girls. Each podcast differs and covers a variety of topics, offering something original and new for everyone.

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Higher Living

Hear this life reflection inspired from the divine words of tapasvani Sahal Tastari. It asks to have a life with less material desires for a satisfied life.

Manage Your Stress

We all need strategies to manage stress. listen to some pointers from Dr. Jyotila Singh.

Old-World Style

Copy the Bollywood star is not easy but was the thing in the sixties India. Listen to Sudesh share her passion for looking good. This recording is from the Global Desi World and Women Archives

Small-Budget Filmmaking

A Conversation with Surendra Hiwarale on making films in Bollywood and the struggles of small budget film makers.

Writing poetry in Hindi

Listen to Shikha Singh share her poetry and ideas on creativity

Death of an Elephant- A Social Work Professor’s Novel

Listen to Professor Brij Mohan talk about being an immigrant and a social work Professor and reflect on his new novel.

Indian Art, A Rich History

So much to Indian Art…rich and multifaceted…tune in to Sarita Heer share her take on its beauty and meaning.

Divorce and Legalities

Listen to Sameen Zia, a prominent Chicago Lawyer share her perspective on laws around divorce planning and legal needs of women

Healing your Way Out

Listen to Malabika Shaw from wholisticvision share her pathway to becoming a healer and a trainer on meditation

South Asian Film Festival of Chicago

Every year, Chicago hosts one of the best film festivals of South Asian movies. A completely voluntary undertaking by the community of immigrants living in the mid-west. Jigar Shah chairs the committee and is at the helm of this festival. He shares the preview on #GlobalDesiWorldnWomen

Building Communities Globally

To make marginalized stories have meaning acoss the world is what Tracey Gurd does as a tool in Civic advocacy as part of her work at American Jewish World Service (AJWS). she shares some of these stories on #GlobalDesiWorldnWomen

Working sensitively with Juveniles in the Court System

Supporting juveniles and working with families is as tough as it is sensitive, Jasmine Hernandez shares her experience working in the State Attorney’s office as part of the Juvenile Justice Bureau on #GlobalDesiWorldnWomen

Mandi – South Asian Theatre in Chicago

Small scale theatre by south asian women in Chicago is growing. Alka Sharma of Mandi Theatre brings alive Hindi and theatre through community actors every summer. Listen on #globaldesiworldnwomen

Women Leaders in Academia

Mentoring and futuristic, diversity-oriented mindsets and the future of academia are amongst the many ideas that Dr. Jo Ann Rooney shares on #GlobalDesiWorldnWomen. She is the first woman President of Loyola University Chicago