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Women Empowerment and Career Coaching

Here are the podcasts and posts that help women to achieve their life goals by raising confidence. These goals may be career choice or self-esteem. Read these effective female empowerment coaching posts by career coach to gain motivation and extreme confidence for your career growth.

Our aim is to develop a happier life for every woman.

Motivation Meditation T-Shirts

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Motivating Women to Tasks

Keep your effort directed & concentrated to small tasks. Dr. Shweta Singh in Your Goals & You

Effort Motivation.

Not just random applause but each concrete step forward…note it, appreciate it. Shweta Singh, Author & Coach Motivation Quotes from Your Goals & You

Looking for some direction and motivation?

Click Here to see these videos Stay Empowered and get a copy of the book Your Goals and You here and if you want that cool tote bag. Click here So much has changed in this last year…we are still recovering but then for many of us school or work is back . and this is as good a time as any to start thinking of getting the spiritual energy organized. See some of these amazing videos that are part of our channel on You Tube. They have meditation and motivation that is short and sweet. You will feel good.

Career Enablers for Women

Career Enablers for WomenCareer enablers for all women are their attitude. Read Dr. Shweta Singh’s article published in #SheThePeople. As women, from so called global south what can help us succeed and still be happy?

Things worth doing…

Every thing we are assigned is a task from him, said Krishna. And our duty is simple to do it well. and what it gives us – success or failure is not in the same purview and means much less. So care for your convictions. and only if the convictions hold up to the ideals of care and justice and commitment to wellbeing of all – are they true convictions. All action has fruit…bitter or sweet. But action is proof of existence.

Spending your time with who?

Being careful of how you spend your time is important…but who is just as important.

Support your own brand!

We are so brand conscious but do we stop to think about our own value?

Take it Easy धीरे धीरे

Sab kuch niyam anusar hi ho pata hai…aur niyam theek se pata nahi hai…isliye sab kuch aaraam se dekhiye, samajiye. Easier said than done but like Kabir said, you can water & care for a plant but you will have to wait a long time for it to bear fruit. So don’t rush & don’t get so into anything…as to forget life.

Early Morning Reflections

What can be the additional thing missing from our life…that thing. Is curiosity. The joy of a child’s way is curiosity…each sense important to them. Mud to flowers to spoons…& what is the hallmark of the most accomplished older people. Its commitment…commitment to family, to society, to friends…to a cause…to something bigger than ourselves. Ofcourse the first one is basic needs of survival. Food. Safety. Shelter. We need to retain those two for joyful living. Curiosity and Commitment.

खुली किताब बनिये पर

आम तौर पर एक खुली किताब जैसा अन्तरमन इनसान की सिमपीलिसिटी दिखाता है। पर आप अपने अस्तित्व।या पहचान या।सोच को समझाने का हक हर किसी को न दें। किताब आपकी है।

How to make that decision? A guide to making good decisions.

Decisions are a daily thing in all our lives. What is the rule book? How to stop the confusions

Upanishad Series ! existence अन्न।अन्नाद